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8037 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73162

(405) 514-4575

Native in a Nutshell

CrossFit Native in a Nutshell - Click any of the links below to guide you to the information you are looking for
At a Glance - Our Current Class Schedule & Our Current List of Unlimited Memberships
Getting Started - Foundations class provides new clients a solid foundation in the movements and allows them to seamlessly transition into the fast paced CrossFit group classes.
Contact Us - Direct email link and Google Maps to get to to CrossFit Native

Workout Of the Day


Wed 03 Sept 2014
Native Endurance 6:30pm - Bluff Creek Warm Up: 3x10 Good Mornings - Burgner Warm-Up Stre...


Tue 02 Sept 2014
Native Skills 5:30pm - Pistols Native Foundations 6:30pm Warm Up: Warm Up Drills Stren...


Labor Day
Closed for Labor Day  Native Box Click the Link & Download the new CrossFit Native ...


Sun 31 Aug 2014
FISHER BABY SHOWER WOD/Cook-Out Starts at 5:00 Bring a package of diapers and a side dis...

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